Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Georgie Porgie

And what would be be without our animals?.... a sad post today....our youngest cat George passed away last night without being sick or giving us any sign that there was anything wrong. He came in as a stray a little over a year ago so we are guessing at his age as around 3. He was still pretty timid but had been developing his own quirky ways of being as they all do....and our house ......even with other cats in it seems so sad without him here.
This picture is him in the paper mache' basket I posted on a few days ago. it was one of his favorite places even if he hung over the edges.
He had been called Leo by his former owners (who abandoned him outdoors in the winter) and we changed him to Theodore when we took him in to try to sound similar. That changed to T-dore and then to Georgie-Porgie as he became bigger and bigger. Just recently he enjoyed being called Delray or Delmar or Delbert.
He should be here ....sitting on the file cabinet by my left elbow as I type this.....looking over my shoulder

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