Monday, September 28, 2009

Puffy Cloud Sky

Big Sky
My acrylic painting from a year ago. Painted in the quiet of my studio with several other impressionistic landscapes. Painted with a large brush and a few colors on my favorite....tissue paper over gessored watercolor paper. You can see how the big brush on the texture lets some of the whites show through and breaks up the colors. And the brush is pretty dry...almost without moisture ( I always have a cloth or newspapers right by my painting so I can brush it out hard before I bring it to the surface. Some patience required to build the colors but better than too heavy and too fast.

Driving home from Lake Placid a week ago I had to take some pics of the clouds and the sky. I may not have them near me when I'm painting but I have them for a reference. Most likely to look at them here and then go to my studio and carry the image in my head. Not to be a slave to the photographic image ....just to capture the feeling.....


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