Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How I Repaint

I discovered that painting both sides of a piece of newspaper would stop it from getting dry and yellow and crinkly. My repainted pages and papers stay soft and flexible because the pInt seals the air out. I use regular household primer in a gallon can from Walmart or Home Depot. That's the starting place.
Once the primer is dry I use different bright acrylics. I use big brushes that are called chip brushes when I look for them in the paint section at Walmart. I can quickly brush on a layer of red or yellow or blue paint with a chip brush. 
Once I  have the base coat of the solid color on the fun can begin. Sometimes I'll lay a painted piece of paper over another painted piece. The wet paper transfers some of its paint to the second piece. Both pieces end up with irregular unplanned blotches of color or places where color lifted off. It creates an irregular surface with different places of visual interest.
Till next time..... Keep re-using!

Blessings. The Whole is Always Present. How We Treat Each Other is Who We Are. Repainted magazine pages and newspapers Reassembled into who we are. Very Mary Designs recycled creations are available at Artisan's Corner in Clinton NY. www.marytchamberlain.etsy.com