Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Mask from the Past

Another older version of my paper mache' mask masking....this one was formed over a low oval basket. I used foil to protect the basket and added the layers of newspaper and paste. I was able to bake it in the oven on low and get it dried fairly quickly. Then I added the features with strips of built up newspaper. After that was dry I gessoed everything and let the whole thing dry again. ( No wonder I have so many things going at once...all this waiting.....) I painted it black first and was unhappy with that ( I really have to remember to photograph things in the process....not enough just to tell you about the color choices and indecision.....) Repainted it out to white and left it hanging around for a while working on other projects (the usual get to the answer......) Ended up thinking of metal and how copper tarnishes to get to the end paint color.
Then I punched holes all along the top of the mask and put twine through it for the "hair" I have holes punched to add more "hair" on the other side but liked it one sided and left it that way. This mask is almost ten years old.....

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