Sunday, August 30, 2009

Simple Bright Land

This started as a red piece of primed watercolor paper. Thinking about the simple combination of colors and the simple composition, A real tribute to STOPPING soon enough. I used my usual 3 inch wide brush and laid on the purple to blue shapes....then...STOP. Letting it rest is really hard. I either walk away or move on to another painting ( in this case I had three primed watercolor papers ready with the red undercoat) so I did two other quick paintings at the same time (to be featured in future posts.......) as  usual I had added tissue paper to the primed watercolor paper. This particular paper ended up giving me vertical lines as part of how the surface took the paint.  Ghostlike tree trunks or cosmic lightening strikes????? After waiting or walking I came back to this painting and added in the plain misty sky line with a very dry brush and the very flat sky.  Pretty happy with simple.......submit to reddit


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