Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Red Rocks Original

Red Rocks1

Red Rocks 2
The top painting is the original poured painting.
I poured thinned acrylic over gessoed watercolor paper that I had taped to a backing board.
These paintings get so saturated with paint that even with several coats of priming and secure taping onto the board they still can begin to lift and buckle.
(Learned after trial and error and turning a great start of a painting into a wrinkled mess...)
So they HAVE to be given time to dry between pourings. And if they are getting really wet the colors will just bleed so badly into each other that......
mud happens.
Happy surprises
await if I can be patient.
The two vertical pictures above are parts of the original painting that I am considering as single paintings on their own.
In this case I used Photoshop Elements to crop the original digitally
but I also have a few matboards cut into squares and narrow horizontal/verticals to lay on the dried painting and pick out the smaller paintings.
Even the "worst" original painting has parts that are salvageable with cropping.


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