Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Collage

More about recycling and collage. This collage is one of the latest group but the one that has stayed the most true to my original idea for the series. I want to reuse as many materials as I can and, of course, the more I look the more I find. This monochromatic collage is on a board of shredded paper that I molded with glue and formed into a square by pouring the pulp into a wooden frame. Yes, it took forever to dry. (I should only make the pulp castings in the summer when I can set them outside to dry in the sun). The most active piece is a couple of styrofoam meat trays (which I collect for painting trays) that I cut into bits and pieces and strips and then glued together. After priming the whole thing I brushed on what seems like many layers of color. It was black and then it was red and then it was gold. Never quite right and never quite sure where it belonged. I had it on a crinkly textured background free floating in the center but it just was not right. This collage had a lot of corrugated pieces and in the moment when I finally realized that reducing the number of items was the answer I saw the styrofoam tray piece ( now painted start over) and plunked it onto the corrugated strip. The line beside it is a piece of caulking that came off of an old window and the tin can lid ...painted white after opening a can of black olives ....and now part of the truest textural collage. Thanks to Eric, Erin and Maggie for their supportive comments this weekend.

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