Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Collage Crazy

So finally some new pictures to post of what has been keeping me busy and driving me crazy. Love the idea of collage but struggle with the mixing of the pieces..... and there are so many possibilities......

So these are some of the paper mixed with various mediums. I've been experimenting with the drippy glue form a glue gun to create forms and words. The figure in the collage above is from the glue gun. I used an old canvas board to draw on with the glue gun. After it was completely dry I was able to peel her off and can now place her anywhere on another painting or collage.

I've been saving tin cans and the lids for a while to use in some sort of collage. Not really happy with how the round tin can lid shape can overpower the rest of the assemblage. The round shapes of the can lids may have to be one complete collage on their own ..maybe with small paper circles for various areas of interest.......One thing leads to another.

The mask in the one collage is made of plastic shopping bags ...(always trying to think of ways to recycle and reuse them) I uses a plaster cast of my husband and crammed the plastic bags into it while spraying them with spray glue. It worked pretty well but still has some give to it...not at all like plaster casting or papermache.

I started this adventure with big pieces of cardboard that I ripped into the corrugated and smooth parts. That's what started me down this collage path....but what I found was that the corrugations needed balance with smoother textures and a little corrugation goes a long way. So as usual ...finding the balance and being willing to let go of what I thought a moment ago was where it would end up a moment from now.......

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