Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Painting For A Show

I'm getting things ready for a show coming up in December. Most of the painting is done . Now all the work of mounting and framing and the decisions that go with all that...... plus the mailing list and all the info needed . My year old textured paintings will be part of it but I'm going to be adding in some new works. Still landscapes with texture but some with more detail and some with a LOT less. Just had to go back and add "G"s to the end of all my words with ing endings......darn that Sarah Palin.
This painting is one of my successful poured paintings. It won't be in my show but I am using it for the image on my cards. It was poured on textured paper so it really should be matted and framed under glass but right now I'm working on paintings on gessoed board for the show so the paper stuff will have to wait.

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