Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cute as a Button

BeBe Girl in Paper

An assemblage on paper using newsprint
 painted with acrylic paint and then torn into shapes and fit around the
blue printed outline.
Her eyes and nose are small peices of painted newspaper.

Here she is with a little more of the newsprint detail showing.
I cut the papers in squares and rectangles to fit around her
but am thinking about torn paper to fit into the spaces

The work table when I'm working on assemblage and collage.
 Lots of papers and tones to choose from.
 Lots of added paint detail to create texture.

How I started
Using a left over foam meat tray as the print block. Easy
to cut with an x-acto knife and then glued the
foam cutout onto card stock for stability.
Easy to ink up with a foam roller and acrylic paint.


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