Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Wave Paintings

Blue Wave One

Another in my practice with newsprint.....liking that the newsprint shows through on the white spaces here. This group is about letting the really wet acrylic paint drip onto and runover the primed newsprint. Yes, using white paint primer for the undercoat and a big brush to slather it on. Let it dry a little and then with applicator bottles (saved from coloring hair) drip the thinned colors onto the primed newpaper. Let it run, pick it up, hold it sideways and rightways and any ways. Put it down and fold the wet paint into the dry parts of the newsprint. Just see what happens. Let it dry. Doesn't take long but I did hang a few pieces of painted newspaper on the clothes line to help them along. Then see what paintingsssss....big or small....show up in parts of the bigger painting.

Blue Wings

Vertical Blue Wave

Square Blue News
So...based on the idea of smaller from larger....each of these paintings were picked out of the bigger newsprint painting.


Sylvie Van Hulle said...

These are wonderful paintings! I like the technique very much. You've inspired me.
btw beautiful colors too!

mary c said...

Sylvie Thank you for your kind words...alwasy wondering if anyone out there is reading....:))))